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Related article: Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 21:10:04 -0700 From: Oregon Bear Subject: After the Night Shift, Part 3This story contains graphic descriptions of adult gay male to male sex. If this topic offends you or it is illegal for you to read this material, please leave this site. After the Night Shift, Part 3 I woke the next morning, feeling the warmth of Jim's furry body next to mine in our bed. We'd both Prelolita Toplist fallen fast asleep, after Jim had screwed me hard and slow in my ass, after I shot long ropes of my pearly cum across his hairy chest, my arms handcuffed tight behind my back. We both liked it that way, cuffed and stuffed, my cop man plunging his thick, hard cock deep into my ass, as we rode each other hard and slow, then fast, then slow again, until we both dumped our loads and fell into each other's hot, sweaty chests, our cum globbing on to the thick pelt of chest hair, and dripped into our moustaches. It had been a long week for both of us, way short of the time we needed to be with each other, to love and fondle and suck and stroke each other, the way it was meant to be for both of us. We'd made up for it, though, last night, after Jim got home late from working a double shift. He'd thought he'd take a quick shower and then creep silently into bed, not wanting to disturb me. But, I'd waited up for him, getting ready to take his thick cop cock deep into my mouth, fondling his hairy balls in my hot hand, and to ride him slow and long, feeling my cock dip deep into his hard, muscular ass, the way he liked it. Jim still slept next to me, his muscular arm flung across his face, the thick deepness of his furry armpit open, the fur on his chest rising and falling slowly with each breath, his large, fat nipples red against the nest of thick black curls that nearly hid his skin from my eyes. Still, I could see the slow curves and bulges of his muscular pecs, and the hard bulges of his arm and shoulder muscles, and the hairy ridges of his abs, running down his belly to the thick forest of hair nesting his soft, damp cock. His manhood lay quiet, nearly covered by the long curls of his crotch hair, as the still sizeable tube of man flesh lay against his crotch, the wide, fat head grazing his thigh. The wrinkled foreskin nearly covered the reddish tender skin of his cockhead, his piss slit just visible at the end of his foreskin, still damp with his jism he had spewed in great thrusts and shots last night, his body twitching and spasming in orgiastic splendor, as he had shot his final blast of cum into the late night air. Just beneath this great and tasty tube of man flesh lay his thick cum-filled balls, thick curls of hair covering the wrinkly dark skin of his ball sack. A yeasty, manly odor rose from his crotch, an almost leathery mix of dried cum, ball sweat, and Jim's unique spicy and earthy sweat, the kind of odor that teased your nose with a real man's smell, yet subtle, tempting. It was a smell you wanted to have a little more of, the kind of smell that make your cock twitch, just a bit, knowing that you were around a real man, a man who liked the taste of another man's cock, who liked to feel another man's cock plunge deep into his ass, his lover's balls slapping with every pump against his hard ass cheeks. I'd always loved to hold Jim's big, fat, hairy balls in the palm of my hand, feeling their hot, damp skin and the coarse hairs of his ball sack. I loved to rub my fingers and my thumb across the thickening skin of his sack, feeling the hard oblong nuts, hearing him moan with erotic pleasure as I gently caressed and fondled his balls, feeling his lust rise, watching his cock stiffen and pulse with every beat of his heart. And even better was Prelolita Toplist to suck and roll my tongue and lips around and under and against his balls, tasting the fresh sweat of his balls, feeling him wet and slippery inside of me, feeling his ball sack begin to tighten against my lips. His cock hardened, and his balls began to want to shoot their seed in strong pulses of cum, as Jim thrashed and moaned and whimpered with ecstasy, as he would cum in my mouth, or across my face, shooting his load in long strings of yeasty, white cum, smearing into the hair on his hard, sweaty, gasping chest. Sometimes, when he hadn't cum for a long time, the force of his spurts would shoot a healthy gob of cum onto his moustache, and then, his cum would liquefy a bit, dripping down the stubble of his chin and into the thick curls of his chest, or even into his wet, furry armpits, the smell of the cum mixing with his manly sweat. Jim slept on, but my memories had filled my own cock with my hot blood, and I lusted again for my cop man. My balls rose high against my hard cock, and all I wanted was to take my lover again, to fill him with my cock, to feel him wet and slippery against the hardness of my cock, and to feel my jism shoot hard and thick and long, until I'd cum again, inside of my lover. And, so, with my lust leading me on, I knelt over Jim's soft, inviting cock, and took all of his softness inside of my eager, thirsty mouth. My wet lips and saliva drenched tongue quickly soaked the satiny skin of his soft, sleeping manhood, and I plunged to the depths of his cockroot, feeling my moustache whiskers catching in the ends of his thick crotch hair. And, I began to slowly suck and fondle his shaft, feeling its sleepy warmth, smelling his musty, earthy sweat and manly smell of his balls. He moaned, yawning and stretching, and, down my side and next to my own aching and hard shaft, I heard him chuckle. In a heartbeat, his meaty hands grabbed my thighs, pulling me open a bit more, until my hard cock was shoved down his wet, hungry mouth. In an instant, we had become one, a creature born of lust and desire, four legs and four arms, four balls and two cocks. The only sounds in the room were two mouths sucking and gasping a bit, and the sound of the bed, beginning an irregular rhythm of the first steps of a serious fucking. And soon, we both found our rhythm and joined with each other in our duet of sucking and fondling and slurping. Saliva ran out from around Jim's now hard cock and down my lips, soaking my moustache and my beard, and then dripping out onto the fur of his balls. We thrashed and moaned and moved around the bed, rolling over a few times, until I didn't know, didn't care who was on top and who was on the bottom. It didn't matter. All that mattered was that my cock was hard and being pumped and soaked and fondled and that the lips and tongue that were servicing me were driving me higher and higher until I didn't think I could last. I didn't want to last. I wanted to spurt my seed deep and hard, again and again, and to fill that hot, wet horny mouth of my lover with a few more blasts of my seed. And, I wanted to suck and fondle and taste my lover's now hot, hard cock, and to taste and feel the blasts of his cum as he thrust and moaned and pushed every last bit of his manhood deep into my mouth, until I could feel his manhood wilt and soften, oozing the last of his jism against my tongue. And, so all that came to pass, sooner than I had wanted, but longer than I had wanted, until my balls were drained and Jim's seed lay thick and slimy and rich in my mouth, and slid out across my lips and matted my beard, and his rich, manly smell of cum and sweat filled my nostrils with his very essence. His meaty chest pushed hard against me, his sweat soaking me and mixing with our cum, as we panted and gasped. The morning sunlight streamed into the room, sparkling and glinting in the beads of sweat and cum that had splattered and gathered in the fur Prelolita Toplist of our chests and the hair next to our cocks. The light shined soft and golden against the face of my lover cop, my Sergeant, his moustache and goatee wet with his sweat and my cum. "Morning, lover. That's the best wakeup call I've ever gotten."Copyright 2009. Oregon Bear
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